Thursday, 19 January 2012


[Wiley - Evolve or be Extinct]

I wasn't sure what to expect from todays album, but needless to say I was pleasantly surprised by Wileys newest entry into the UK hip/hop scene. The album draws you in immediately with a powerful synth which is then accompanied by fast, hard hitting lyricism and leads to a catchy hook that had me humming "welcome to zion" as soon as I got up. It's this confident, catchy sound that leaves you ready for more, and more is exactly what you get with the next two pop-infused tracks, "link up" and "boom blast" which continue the momentum built up from the start of the album.

The next few tracks in Evolve or be Extinct leave you wondering where exactly the direction is headed, with "wierdo", A spacey anthem to the craziness of Wiley and "scar", a track that shares a slight, almost nagging resemblance to Deltron 3030. A review of this album wouldn't be right without a mentioning of "Can I Have a Taxi Please?", a song that has Wiley making fake calls to a taxi service while doing different voices and I must admit this track had me smiling throughout.

While Evolve or be Extinct has a lot to offer, it's not without its faults. "I'm skankin" felt a tad repetitive and "Miss You" sounded like just another r&b radio song. Overall I really enjoyed Wileys newest offering and look forward to his ever-evolving style of music.



  1. Sounds like a much better one then before, great review from your shore.

  2. You should think about reviewing out of 10 instead of 5 :)

    1. interesting.. I will think about this.

      I did a 5 star system on a whim, so I might change it in the future.

  3. hah nice review :) 4/5 is not that bad :P